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ReVision Energy

ReVision Energy is a full service New Hampshire solar and energy contracting company dedicated to helping NH families to become “Green Power Producers,” through education and access to a full range of Solar Products, Engineering, Design and Installation Services.

Stop Buying Electricity-Generate Electricity

Anyone in NH can be a Power Producer! Did you know that NH Power Companies will compensate you for the energy that your solar panels produce when your solar installation is tied into the electrical grid? It’s true, you will be credited for every kilowatt hour of energy your solar panels produce, every day of the year, and the credit will be deducted from your monthly utility bill.

You can Finance Your Solar Panels

With a 3kw system, you will produce $51.00 worth of electricity (monthly average over 12 months at current rates) and you will only make a $41.00 monthly payment for your solar panels, including cost of a professional installation by the Revision Energy team. During months that you produce more electricity than you use, (typical in the summer months), your excess electricity produced can go into the power grid, and the power company will credit your bill for every kilowatt. Best of all, when your payments are over you continue to producing in excess of $51.00 per month (average) in electricity, and the Power Company will still credit your monthly bill for all excess power you produce, for the life of your solar panels. (up to 50 years) Many NH families produce excess power in the summer and use the credit to offset winter usage.

Building a new home? More often than not, if you include the cost of your photo-voltaic installation in with your 30 year conventional mortgage, you can produce enough energy annually to offset your entire power bill. In most cases the increase in the amount of your monthly mortgage payment (when you add the cost of the solar panels) will be more than covered by the decrease or elimination of a monthly power bill. You win, environment wins, and oil generating power company looses!

Solar Hot Water, (Solar Thermal)

ReVision Energy's solar thermal systems are compatible with any existing water heating system, whether it's electric, gas, or oil-fired. During our free solar site evaluation one of our highly trained, experienced solar designers will visit your home and evaluate whether a solar energy investment makes sense for you. A typical installation will save over $300.00 in oil cost annually. You will save money at today's oil cost....can only guess how you will do when measured against the future cost of oil.

To learn more about how Revision Energy can help you to become a “Green Power Producer”, and the affordability of today's state-of-the-Art Solar Power installations, call Revision Energy at any of their three locations in Maine and NH.

3 Locations

  • 142 Presumpscot Street in Portland, Maine 04103. Phone (207) 221-6342
  • 91 West Main Street, Liberty, Maine 04949 Phone: (207) 589-4171
  • 7 Commercial Drive, Exeter, New Hampshire 03833 Phone: (603) 501-1822

  • Solar-Alternative Energy
7 Commercial Drive
Brentwood, NH   03833
Phone: (603) 501-1822
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