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Hire a NH Builder to create the Perfect Garden Shed

Shed_0.jpgSummer is here and NH Builders can help you meld your landscaping plans, to show off your home and yard at their best, with something practical. The first step to achieving this is constructing a useful, economical, and attractive garden shed to help organize your landscaping tools and potting materials.

Design for your needs
When planning your shed, keep in mind all of the things that need to fit comfortably inside it. Do you want a space to simply store and organize your landscaping tools or do you want storage combined with room to work potting plants? Locate and collect the items that will be stored in your future shed for an accurate estimate. You may be surprised at the amount. The best way to save money is to construct for your needs, plus a little extra. A garden shed that is too small will just result in having to buy or make another one a year or two down the road and one that is far too large is wasted space and money.

Make it easy on yourself Talk with your local NH contractor or look online for design ideas and dimensions. When it comes to weather-resistant materials and designs that will complement the look of your home, it is best to refer to the pros instead of attempting to wing it by yourself. Starting the building process with experienced knowledge will not only save you money and make your shed an attractive addition to your yard instead of a storage eyesore, but will save you time that would be lost with amateur mistakes.

Make it fit
You may have always loved the Tudor style and think that your garden shed could be a perfect miniature of your ultimate dream home, but if it does not match the style and feel of your home, then your garden shed will look out of place and will not add any value or dimension to your home or yard. Keep the feel of your shed in line with your home so that there is a theme and distinct feel that carries from the house to the yard.

Build it modular If you are constructing your garden shed yourself, save time, money, and injury by building it modular-style. Construct each wall separately and put in place. Then build the roof in two separate pieces and hang. This reduces mistakes that could happen which result in wasted lumber and materials, and also limits risk of injury since you will not be going up and down ladders as much as you would it you stick-built the shed.