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Conservation Plumbing & Heating Company Inc

Conservation Plumbing & Heating Co. Inc. in located in the heart of the lakes region of New Hampshire. We are nestled among the lakes and mountains that make our area such an attraction to tourists. We believe in the concept of conserving our resources and our land’s beauty. We believe in helping others conserve their resources and to provide the best solutions to water conservation, energy management and keeping our area as pristine as possible while providing the latest in modern technology and luxury. Green is the way the world should be and we want to help everyone be a little greener.
We specialize in helping people accomplish their building goals while using less energy in heating and cooling their homes and businesses, by conserving water and reducing air pollution, and ultimately helping our customers to conserve their hard earned money.

Our experienced members employ their technical knowledge to provide the best solutions for any given situation. Our talents range from residential, industrial and commercial construction, into remodeling projects, to servicing and repairs of your plumbing and HVAC equipment. We are accomplished with bid, pan and specification projects, design- build and anything in between.

We have an excellent reputation with many local engineers, contractors and businessmen. We strive to keep our pricing fair and always look for the win-win for every situation. We believe in building a clientele list and spreading our reputation by our customer’s word of mouth, giving value for our work and finishing what we start. Let us show you what our honesty and Yankee ingenuity can do for you.

Please visit our website and see some of our projects, read some of our reviews, and then consider us for your next project or service need.

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116 Hounsell Ave
Laconia, NH   03246
Phone: (603) 524-6514