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6 Hard-Surface Flooring Options for Your Home

Has that dingy carpeting in your living room become too much to bear? Is the scuffed and peeling laminate flooring in your kitchen embarrassing for guests to see? Nowadays, flooring options are not limited by room. Family rooms do not exclusively have carpeting and kitchens do not always have tile or laminate. Now may be the time to research the new durable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly hard-surface flooring options currently available to update and freshen the flooring in your home.

Here is a rundown of the latest trends and favorites among homeowners. Of course, for final pricing, installation questions, and optimal choices for you and your family’s needs, contact your local contractor for further assistance and expertise.

    Hardwood: Wood flooring has become incredibly popular in recent years. Not only does it boosts a home’s value substantially, it is a great multi-room flooring choice, as home floor plans become increasingly open and lack distinct room division. It also can be a reasonably affordable option, with installed hardwood flooring generally costing between $3 and $8 per square foot. Of course, the type of wood chosen will vary the price, but recycled and repurposed flooring can be a cost-effective alternative that can bring character and charm to your home that brand new flooring may not provide, all while providing an environmentally-friendly way to update your home.

    Bamboo: If you loveFloors-1.png the look of wood flooring but are looking for something a little more non-traditional and exciting, bamboo or palm wood might be a good fit for your home. These options, along with cork, are manufactured from tropical grasses. One of the benefits to bamboo is that it gives more than hardwood and is antimicrobial, which is something to consider for kitchens or homes with small children spending time playing on the floor.

    Cork: If you have an expansive and open floor plan that needs to be warmed up and unified, cork flooring can be a perfect choice. It runs $2-$3 more than standard hardwoods, but cork and bamboo have the advantage of eco-friendliness since they are harvested from easily renewable grasses and do not involve cutting down trees to produce.

    Rubber: If it is your kitchen that needs a flooring facelift, take a page from professional chef’s handbook and install rubber flooring, which has exceptional give that provides relief and does not strain the back and feet like vinyl and tile flooring commonly used in kitchens. It is generally made from recycled tires and can handle lots of traffic without wearing unevenly or discoloring. Even better, it is comparable in price to linoleum at $3-$5 per square foot.

    Brick: If you love the ease and look of tile, brick flooring may provide all of the benefits you love in tile with a fresh and unexpected twist. It creates a cozy and intimate feel and can be manipulated to almost any look and style you wish to go for in your home. Made from thin clay tiles, brick provides a durable flooring option that hides dirt and wear extremely well and may be the perfect solution for that mudroom, kitchen, or entryway.

    Concrete: When looking for a durable, low-maintenance floor that can be extensively customized, concrete is the ultimate choice. Theyconcrete-floors.png are a great option for family rooms or kitchens due to the fact that they are slow to heat up, which can help when the oven is running or everyone is spending time in the living room. They are perfect for keeping cool in the summer but they also are ideal for radiant heat as well. You can lay patterns, filagree, and mosaics and then apply various stains to achieve a distinct and unique look that can match your home’s furnishings to a tee. Concrete flooring runs around $3 to $15 per square foot, depending how intricate you choose concerning patterns and stains.